Responsible Tourism

Responsible Travel

The idea of responsible tourism has evolved out of concern about the negative impacts of mass tourism. Responsible tourism aims to protect the environment and to respect local people, their communities, and their cultures. The socio-economic benefits of responsible tourism should contribute to improving the quality of life in host communities instead of creating the negative impacts that we see so often.


Travel Loops does not want to see the people where we operate exploited nor do they want to see their country’s environment suffer from unsustainable tourism. Travel Loops professionals would rather take you to the unspoiled South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand) and traveling in a way that treads lightly in those areas.


By treading lightly, we can minimize our impacts while gaining maximum enjoyment from your traveling experience. And when we leave, we will not only leave with an abundance of great memories but with knowing that as a visitor we have actually played a role in benefiting the area's we visited.


Protecting these destinations and working to keep them unspoiled will insure that you, your children and future generations will also have the opportunity to visit and learn. As tourists we do have a responsibility. Here is how you can help.

Getting you on side

First and foremost, it is important to realize that what you do makes a difference.
You can raise awareness of others in the tourism sector, be they tour operators, guides or your fellow holiday - makers; be they from the country you are visiting or abroad.


It doesn’t cost a lot and it doesn’t require a revolutionary adjustment. Small changes can add up to a significant overall positive impact. Region where we operated has just opened up to tourism recently, comparatively to international tourism, which is now a major foreign exchange earner. While Indochina, Myanmar and Thailand can learn from the experiences, both positive and negative, from other countries - you can help by showing your support for responsible and sustainable tourism. You can vote with your money, choosing to patronize hotels, airlines, resorts and tour operators who advance energy and environmental conservation and are committed to global principles of sustainability.


You are not the only visitor to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand - your impact on the environment is multiplied a million- fold by other people every year. Every tourist and every host community will have a different concept of environmental degradation, noise, crowding, invasion of privacy, etc., and a different level of tolerance. If you are aware of being crowded, or if you are not enjoying your visit due to pollution or noise, then you have experienced what we are trying to prevent.


Think of others - both tourists and hosts - and the possibility that their tolerance level may be lower than yours.

Before you go

Enjoying your time South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand) will be easy. But by following the green guide you will also be doing something active towards ensuring a long-term future for both tourism and the environment. In return, you will be rewarded with a richer traveling experience and the respect of the people of this fascinating country. Accept responsibility for the environment in where you travel.


Be aware of your impacts on society and the environment, and try to minimize them.


Choose tour operators who are more environmentally and culturally sensitive and tell their competitors that you do not choose them on this basis.
Do not behave in a manner which would never be accepted at home.
Explain your reasons for behaving in a certain way to other tourists and to those working in the tourist sector.
Find out and learn more about the place you visit by not taking everything you see at face value.
Guide others who are not as educated as yourselves by setting a good example through practical actions.

Benefit Together

Travel Loops promoted tour and practice sustainable tourism principles. We work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our clients benefit from our tours.