The Pro' s and Con' s of independent travel.

As someone who has travelled both independently and in a more organised manner I have found there are several pluses and minuses for both travelling on an organised tour, and doing it independently.

I believe the 2 main reasons for people deciding to travel independently are budget and freedom. Because they are doing it themselves, many independent travellers consider their adventures to be ‘off the beaten track’, as well as having high expectations of their trip overall. They believe this way they will experience an authentic visit to a new land. Sadly this is not always the case.

As for off the beaten track, most independent travellers carry the same book, the Lonely Planet or one of the similar guidebooks. So most of them will end up at the same places as everyone else! Bare in mind many entries in these publications are simply paid recommendations and can be up to 3 years out of date. The independent way can also leave you open to major disappointments such as scammers, transport problems and overcharging, which can lead to you leaving the country with a very negative impression. SE Asia is expanding rapidly at a rate no guidebook can keep up with – there are new attractions and destinations every day, and Travel Loops is perfectly placed to include them in any tour. 

The advantage of a travel agency with local knowledge and expertise such as Travel Loops is we truly give you what you want. We can take you places that are not in any guidebook bible, looking after you all the way to make sure your trip is of the highest quality possible. We know the scams at the border crossings and how to avoid them, we arrange reliable transport, we only use tried and tested accommodation (from budget to luxury) and our goal is that you leave with the best memories possible, of whatever country you are visiting.

Sure you can save a few dollars, pick up a few bed bug bites and share rooms and toilets by going it alone, but at Travel Loops we believe we offer flexibility, outstanding customer service, innovative and continually evolving tours and destinations that really are off the main tourist trails. Of course we are also very aware of the need to now be eco-friendly.

We won’t herd you around like ‘Lonely’ sheep or get you up at the crack of dawn every day (unless of course you want to!) – our specialty is giving you the trip that you want at the price you can afford. We have extremely competitive rates for transport, tour guides, hotels and restaurants, minimizing the risk of disappointment.  It’s SE Asia so things are always ‘subject to change’. Our guides can easily manage this for you making your trip even more stress free, leaving time to focus on discovering your country of choice.

We really can offer you an authentic slice of each country in SE Asia. We will show you the REAL country, the REAL culture, mix with REAL locals and have REAL experiences.


Why go it alone when you can go with Travel Loops!


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