Royal Myanmar & Ngapali Beach - 14days
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 Experience all of the must-see sights of Myanmar on this guided tour. Your trip starts from the capital city of Yangon (Rangoon) built by the British administration. Here we visit the magnificent gold plate and gemstone decorated Swedagon pagoda; take a stroll through quaint old quarter of Yangon enjoying sights and sounds of this bustling city. Our journey continues northbound to rural Shan State and beautiful Inle Lake region inhabited by several minorities. At Inle we sample the local vineyard harvest; visit markets, floating gardens and cultural highlights on the lake and surrounding area. From Shan State you continue your journey to Mandalay to explore the ancient capitals of Myanmar (Burma) all situated near Mandalay City. You visit the last remaining palace building, a centuries-old teak wood monastery, the sacred Mahamuni Buddha’s temple. You also see how to apply traditional gold leaf, carving, tapestry and weaving in local workshops. You explore the ruins of the AVA kingdom by horse cart and visit the Ubein teak bridge known for its spectacular sunsets. From Mandalay you continue to the Ancient Kingdom of Bagan, the greatest archeological treasure of Myanmar with over 4000 pagodas and temple ruins located on the plains Bagan by Ayeyarwaddy river (Irrawaddy). Bagan was, during its heyday, one the greatest kingdoms in the world and is a truly magical destination to visit. From Bagan you fly to Rakhine coast and explore the mysteries of the lost kingdoms of Mrauk U and relax and enjoy the un-spoilt paradise beaches of Ngapali.

Itinerary Brief:

DAY 01: Arrival Yangon - Yangon
DAY 02: Fly to Bagan - Bagan Temples.
DAY 03: Fly to Mandalay - Mandalay Tour.
DAY 04: Royal Capitals Ava - Amarapura - Sagaing.
DAY 05: Fly to Inle Lake - Vineyard - Lake.
DAY 06: Inle Lake (boat).
DAY 07: Inle Lake - Yangon.
DAY 08: Flight to Sittwe - Sittwe Tour.
DAY 09: Boat trip - Mrauk U. 
DAY 10: Mrauk U
DAY 11: Fly to Sittwe - Ngapali Beach
DAY 12: Ngapali Beach.
DAY 13: Ngapali Beach
DAY 14: Yangon departure 

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Upon arrival at YANGON airport, you will be welcomed by your Travel Loops guide and transferred to your hotel. Our journey begins with an afternoon tour through the British-colonial style city centre of Yangon. You visit the golden SULE PAYA stupa – built over 2,000 years ago and the focal point of numerous historical events in the city – CHAUK THAT GYI pagoda to view its magnificent reclining Buddha, and KARAWEIK HALL to marvel at the uniquely decorated “hamsa-bird-shaped” floating barge on KANDAWGYI (ROYAL) LAKE. You visit BOGYOKE (SCOTTS) MARKET, where hundreds of gemstone, handicrafts, art, clothes and food stores are tucked in a maze of color. You complete the day with a visit to one of the world’s most spectacular monuments, the SWEDAGON PAGODA, a gleaming bell dome structure that dominates the city’s skyline. Legends state that the sacred hairs of the Buddha are enshrined here. The Shwedagon is an iconic symbol of the country, a sight not to be missed.


Meals: lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: In Yangon hotel.


After breakfast you will be transfer to Yangon airport for a 1hr flight to NYAUNG U/ BAGAN where you begin your journey into the Ancient Kingdoms of Bagan. The DHAMAYAZEKA ZEDI is our first stop, providing panoramic views of the temple studded plains of Bagan. You continue to the golden gilded SWEZIGON STUPA, purported to contain a holy tooth relic of the Buddha. Not far from the stupa, the MYINGABA GU BYAUKGYI TEMPLE is a sight to behold, housing Bagan’s best preserved mural paintings of Yangon departure . Next, you learn how Bagan’s famous lacquerware crafts are produced in MYINGABA VILLAGE, and then visit HTILOMINLO TEMPLE to learn how Burmese sand paintings are created. The day’s temple tour ends with a visit to the beautifully symmetric and majestic ANANDA TEMPLE with its four standing Buddha images that seem to gaze serenely at you no matter where you stand. At sunset you will take a bull or horse cartride around the temples offering an unparalleled photo opportunity of one of the richest archeological treasures in Southeast Asia as the sun dips behind the temple ruins (weather permitting).


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner
(in a local restaurant with traditional marionette show)
Overnight stay: In a hotel in Bagan.


This morning after breakfast you will catch a morning flight from Bagan to Mandalay, taking a 1.5 hour drive to the city. Here you enjoy a morning stroll through the lively ZEGYO MARKET in the heart of the city to experience some of the authentic local life in Mandalay. You continue to the ARTISAN QUARTERS, where some of the oldest craftsmanship is showcased dating back to last kingdom of Myanmar. You also observe the process of pounding gold leaf, detailing teakwood carvings and embroidering Myanmar tapestry. We also see how bronze and marble Buddha statues are carved, cast and molded. Next, we proceed to the highlights of Mandalay: the sacred MAHAMUNI PAGODA, housing one of the most significant Buddha images in the country, covered in several tons of gold leaf and the crown prize in long past wars between competing Myanmar kingdoms; the GOLDEN PALACE MONASTERY, the only surviving Royal Palace building in Mandalay, offering a glimpse of the original style and architecture of the Myanmar royals; and lastly, the KUTHODAW PAGODA, a compound housing Buddha’s teachings carved in the sacred Pali script on stone slabs and regarded as the world’s largest book in terms of surface area. You end our day with sunset panoramic views over city skyline on MANDALAY HILL, the highest point of the city.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Mandalay hotel


After breakfast at the hotel, You embark on a journey to the Ancient Kingdoms of Myanmar near Mandalay. You transfer 15 km to AVA (INWA), the ancient capital of the Shan and Burmese Kingdoms for over four centuries. You will cross over the Myint Nge River by ferry and explore the small roads of Ava by horse cart. We visit the BAGAYA TEAK MONASTERY, over three hundred years old yet well preserved and still in use by local monks; the NANMYIN WATCH TOWER, the last standing structure of the Ava dynasty palace compound also known as the “Leaning Tower of Ava”; and the MAHA AUNGMYE BONZAN MONASTERY building with its graceful curves and archways. We continue to the ANCIENT KINGDOM OF SAGAING, located across the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River. From the SAGAING HILLS, you enjoy magnificent views overlooking the river and hillside covered with countless pagodas. You also visit a monastery in Sagaing to learn about the life of Buddhist devotees and continue to well-known SILVERSMITH VILLAGE near Sagaing. You continue to another beautiful ancient capital city, AMARAPURA, famous for its weaving and textile industries. There, as well as visit a cottage industry workshop to learn how Myanmar longyis and traditional fabrics are constructed. We continue to the UBEIN BRIDGE, a simple yet strong teak structure that spans 1.2 km over Taungtaman Lake. The bridge silhouetted by the setting sun is one of the most magical experiences in Myanmar and a photographer’s dream.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Mandalay hotel


you enjoy your breakfast and then transfer to the airport for the flight to HEHO, a quiet transit town with one of the few airport links in the beautiful hills of Shan State. You visit the bustling main HEHO MARKET, the meeting point for different ethnic minority groups of the surrounding areas to trade handmade goods and locally grown produce (on market days only). En route to Inle Lake, you will stop at a LOCAL FAMILY WORK SHOP to learn how Shan umbrellas and paper are made by traditional methods using the fibres of the mulberry tree. Next, you take a 1-hour drive to Inle Lake that descends through the valley with views of the Shan mountains and rice paddy fields. Near Inle Lake, you also visit the RED MOUNTAIN ESTATE to tour of the lush vineyard situated on the side of mountain, taste some of Myanmar’s premiere wines, and observe the different aging methods completed in their cellar. After checking into the hotel, you will embark on afternoon explorations of INLE LAKE, populated with floating islands and gardens made from the naturally tangled roots of water hyacinth plants and reeds. Delight in the picturesque sights of fishermen who balance and row with one leg, a technique indigenous to the Inn Thar minority group who do this only on Inle Lake.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Inle Lake hotel


After breakfast you journey out by boat, following the currents of a small river to reach the INN THEIN PAGODA COMPLEX, a site that makes us feel as if we’ve stepped into the past. To access the complex, you walk through verdant bamboo groves that open up to a field covered with the ancient pagodas constructed over 1,000 years ago. You boat back to the lake and visit PHAUNGDAW OO PAGODA, the home of some of the country’s most sacred Buddha statues covered in gold leaf by devout followers. You also make a visit to the INPAWKHON WEAVING VILLAGE to learn how local silks, linens and lotus fabrics are handmade and crafted. As an extra treat, you will stop at a house for BURMESE CATS built over the lake, where you see the preservation efforts and reintroduction of this rare pure breed of felines to Myanmar. At NAMPAN VILLAGE, local craftsmen show us how Burmese cigars, or “cheroots,” are traditionally packed and rolled. We end our day with magnificent sunset canoe ride with boatmen who gracefully navigate and row perched on one leg.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Inle Lake hotel


Note: Inle Lake market
The colorful and bustling morning market is one of the highlights of Inle Lake. Local ethnic minority groups come near and far to trade their goods, and this presents an opportunity to observe people in traditional costumes in an authentic market atmosphere. The market rotates five days a week, each day making its base in a different village (though closed on national holidays). Market visits can be included in any tour program if the market location falls within proximity of our travel itinerary.


The morning is free for sightseeing by the Lake. You can make arrangements for a leisurely stroll to neighbouring villages to observe local village life. Alternatively, we can make arrangements for a visit to Nyaung Shwe to explore the quaint town or shop for local handicrafts. In the afternoon, you transfer to Heho Airport for the connecting flight to Yangon. The rest of the day is free at leisure in Yangon.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Yangon hotel


Morning pick up from your hotel in Yangon and transfer to Yangon domestic airport for flight to Sittwe. Afternoon arrival at SITTWE, a former seaside capital of colonial Burma where the Rivers Kaledan and Lemro meet the grand Bay of Bengal. After enjoying a late lunch at a local restaurant, we visit the following town highlights: the CULTURAL MUSEUM, with an impressive wealth of cultural artifacts representing the Rakhine civilization that dates as far back as 3000 BC; the BUDDHIST NUNNERY, a stately building hailing from by gone times; and the fascinating LOCAL FISH MARKET, at times with thousands of fish on display from the deep Bay of Bengal. You continue to the mouth of the RIVER KALEDAN where it kisses the Bay of Bengal, and stroll on the black sand beaches watching a beautiful setting sun.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Sittwe hotel


After an early breakfast at the hotel we transfer to Sittwe jetty for the boat journey to Mrauk U. The 70 km cruise upstream the Kaledan River travels though farming regions and small riverside communities. The travel time varies between 4-7 hours depending on boat size and river conditions. Simple packed lunches are provided on the boat. On arrival to the Mrauk U Pier half a mile south of the town’s central market, we transfer to our hotel. In the afternoon, we embark on a journey to the ruins of LOST ARAKAN KINGDOM OF MRAUK U, a seaport at the crossroads of the ancient trading routes between the East and West. Mrauk U has inherited a rich cultural legacy, particularly the 700 enchanting temple ruins scattered over misty hills. We visit the fortress-like SHITE THAUNG TEMPLE, a solid structure with thick heavy walls housing some 84,000 Buddhas and reputed to be modelled after Indonesia’s Borobudur. You continue to adjacent ANDAW THEIN ORDINATION TEMPLE, which houses a stupa believed to contain the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha brought from Sri Lanka by the Burmese King Mindon. Nearby on a hill is HTUKKAN THEIN FORTRESS TEMPLE, with only one entrance, three inner chambers and small windows designed to let the rays of the dawning sun shine directly onto the central Buddha statue in the main vault.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay: Mrauk hotel


After breakfast, you visit the central MRAUK U MARKET to see the typical Rakhine foods and products sold, then drive about 30 min/14km to the ruins of the Wethali. The ANCIENT CITY OF WETHALI (VESALI) was a thriving dynasty from the 4th to 9th centuries, though little but overgrown bushes remain. At the GREAT WETHALI PAYAGYI, you will be admire the 17ft-high seated Buddha crafted from a single slab of sandstone, set amidst a panoramic view of quaint villages and farmland. We return to Mrauk U for lunch and later in the afternoon, visit the serene PHARAOUK TEMPLE, built in late 1500's and with a solid stupa featuring 29 life-sized Buddha’s seated radially in its wall. Continuing to KOTHAUNG TEMPLE, we visit the most colossal temple of Mrauk U, named for the 90,000 statues it originally housed. If weather permits, we climb to the SHWEGUDAUNG PAYA, the highest pagoda of Mrauk U to enjoy the captivating views of temples glistening under the setting sun.


Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Overnight stay: Mrauk U hotel


Early breakfast at the hotel followed by a boat ride to Sittwe. If time permits, you visit en route a MRO ETHNIC MINORITY VILLAGE, known for intricate designs of the Khami traditional dress hand woven by the local tapet backstrap loom. Lunch is served on board the boat. Upon arrival to Sittwe, you will transfer to the airport for the afternoon flight to Thandwe (8km from Ngapali Beach). Upon arrival at THANDWE airport, you will be welcomed by our guide and transferred to your hotel.


Meals: breakfast included
Overnight stay in Resort at Ngapali


After breakfast at your hotel, the rest of the day is free for you to enjoy the pristine beaches of Ngapali, relaxing in the shade of the palm trees by the sea. More active visitors can choose from visiting the colourful local market in Thandwe (Sandoway), biking along the coast to surrounding villages, or hiring a boat to go fishing or sailing against the coastal backdrop of the Rakhine hills.


Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Overnight stay in Resort at Ngapali


Breakfast at your hotel. Free at leisure until transfer to Thandwe airport for your return flight to Yangon.


Meals included: Breakfast
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  • Bottled drinking water for sightseeing
  • All sightseeing entrance fee where required in the itinerary.



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