Why Us ?

Unlike some other travel companies, when you travel with Travel Loops, there is no rushing through breakfast because of a tight schedule, and there is no need to worry about being tired because you always have to wake up early. With some tours this can be really annoying and can make the whole tour experience not much fun.


At Travel Loops we arrange and plan our itineraries with our customers in mind, so you will be relaxed and enjoy a hassle free holiday that begins right from the planning stage. Our professional tour consultants assist you in putting together a custom travel package designed just for you. There is no need to worry about your itinerary. It will be flexible, and your experienced guide and driver will assist you every step of the way when book a private tour. We use our experience and know-how to make your holiday an enjoyable experience.


Private Tours & Small Group Tours 

If you have had the frustrating experience of a group tour being cancelled at the last minute, you don't need to worry about that with Travel Loops. Some companies cancel tours due to a low response, but our private tours are truly private, and we will provide you with the best tour experience, whether you are an individual or a private group.


Flexible & Innovative Tours

With a private tour, you can choose your departure dates, and enjoy a flexible and innovative itinerary during your tour. You are not tied to a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all schedule with a strict time table.

Our Guides as Ambassadors

Just having a well-planned itinerary, staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants does not by itself make a rewarding tour experience. It is the local guides and staff who can make or break the trip. Our guides and staff are carefully selected, flexible and they provide you with the best customer service to bring out the best in your travel experience.

Designing Your Special Trip

On our website we present some of the most popular package tours in the Indochina region. However, everyone is different, and if package tours don't appeal to you, we can tailor-make a trip designed around your schedule, your interests, and other requirements. By working with our clients, and with our knowledge of all aspects of travel in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand, we can arrange and plan a tour specifically for you. Simply to contact us by sending an email: sales@travelloops.com

Responsible Travel

Travel Loops cares for the environment, and we are concerned about global climate changes. We are involved in responsible tourism, and the impact tourism has on local residents, the influence on their culture, as well as the effect on the local wildlife. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we use fewer flights where possible, and we do our best not to pollute the natural environment. For example, we say "no" to plastic bags.

Charity Activities

Travel Loops donates a portion of our profits to help the children of Cambodia with their basic needs. For example, we provide such things as school supplies, clothes and food. Five percent of each trip is donated to our charity activity.


Travel Loops has sponsored a trip for Anjali students who had a special opportunity to visit Kompong Thom, in central Cambodia. Click here to see the photo of the trips


Travel Loops Sponsors Anjali House who would not be able to provide care and education to the children it supports without the help of sponsors. They come in all shapes and sizes from government agencies and non-profit foundations to corporations and individual donors. Some have assisted for fixed periods such as the start-up program or specific initiatives and others contribute year after year to ensure the continued sustainability of Anjali

Our Experienced Team

Although we are a New Generation Cambodian Company that has joined with the Spanish, English and Russian nationalities, we have a truly multinational and multicultural staff to serve you. Our team is made up of locals and expats, and we wants to share our experiences to provide our clients with the best tours possible. Team members are well-trained and are dedicated to bringing you the very best that Indochina, Thailand and Myanmar has to offer. We are one of the best travel companies in the region, and we have a wealth of experience in the in the region, and a real passion for travel. We live, work and holiday in the region. We know the region and we speak the languages. No other travel company is better placed to assist you with your dream travel to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar or Thailand.